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  • Sri Lanka: Keappaa-pulava protesters question silence of foreign diplomats, challenge ‘TNA optics’
    Sun, 19 Feb 2017, 11:38
    Tamil women-led protesters in Keappaa-pulavu on Saturday questioned the silence on the part of the diplomats from the international community who have been to Keappaa-pulavu on ‘field trips’ in the past. The Head of Keappaa-pulavu Women’s Development Organisation Ms S Chandraleela told TamilNet on Saturday that in addition to releasing their occupied lands, the SL military should be withdrawn from the roads used by their children from their village to school. The people on the struggle are concerned of retaliatory abductions from the SL military, which is engaged in surveillance against the protesting families. In the meantime, SL Air Force remove the paragraph of shoot-at-sight warning from the notice boards it had put inside the lands, a day after the threat was exposed by media with photographic evidence.
    Sri Lanka: UK, Australia, have responsibility in halting Mullaiththeevu structural genocide
    Sat, 18 Feb 2017, 01:52
    Britain and Australia that have sent high-level policy planners to ‘assess’ Keappaa-pulavu in the company of occupying Sinhala military of genocidal Sri Lanka in January 2013, should also take the responsibility in halting the structural genocide of the nation of Eezham Tamils there. Those who ‘advise’ Tamils not to use the word ‘genocide’ but to rally behind ‘development’, and those who equate the on-going Sinhalicisation to the presence of Tamils in the southern parts, should note that despite long presence of Eezham Tamils in the South or 200 years of up-country Tamils brought by the British, no village has officially become a Tamil village in the South. But just in two years time a Tamil village in the North and East could officially become a Sinhala village in nomenclature, administrative records, demography and political power, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics.
    Sri Lanka: SL military puts up shoot-at-sight warning inside appropriated Keappaa-pulavu lands
    Fri, 17 Feb 2017, 23:13
    The occupying military of genocidal Sri Lanka has put up notice boards threatening the protesting families and the people visiting Keappaa-pulavu not to enter the lands that have been seized from the uprooted families. “This land belongs to the Air Force. Unwarranted entry is prohibited. Those entering unwarranted will be targeted by gunfire,” say the warnings that have been put up inside the lands of uprooted people on Friday. In the meantime, SL Air force personnel have been shooting photos using professional DSLR cameras threatening the visitors expressing solidarity with the protesters. Tamil politicians, except those from the ITAK collaborating with the SL regime, have started to stay overnight with the protesting families as military threats have started to escalate. The families have been staying in front of the SL military base with their children for continuously for 18 days.
    Sri Lanka: Maithiripala continues to deceive uprooted Tamils from militarized village in Ampaa'rai
    Thu, 16 Feb 2017, 22:11
    38 Tamil families, who have been uprooted from their houses and lands at Kanakar-kiraamam, located 7 km north of Poththuvil in Ampaa'rai district, complain that they are being deceived by the officials coming under SL President Maithiripala Sirisena's Mahaweli Ministry, particularly the Forest Department and the Government Agent in the district. After having seized their lands, putting up a military base for the occupying notorious Special Task Force (STF) and keeping the area as a no-go zone for two decades, the officials of the SL Forest Department say they could only talk to their hierarchy if people submit valid documents of renewed permits. In the meantime, TNA Parliamentarian Kaveendran Kodeeswaran, who came to meet the officials and the people on Wednesday was also proposing to compromise, the uprooted people complain.
    Sri Lanka: Kokku'laay Tamils face multi-pronged structural genocide abetted by external assistance
    Wed, 15 Feb 2017, 19:00
    The North East Reawakening Programme (NERP), which is fully controlled by Colombo’s ministry of so-called Economic Development, is discriminating Tamils in Mullaiththeevu district by diverting disproportionately larger ‘development’ assistance coming from the Asian World Bank and the World Bank to Ma’nalaa’ru (Sinhalicised to Weli-Oya) division, a Sinhala-Only division carved out from the district of Eezham Tamils, Northern Provincial Councillor Thurariasa Ravikaran said. Not only the NERP, certain ministries of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) is also being pressurized to channel more resources into Weli-Oya, commented Tamil civil sources in Karaithu’raip-pattu division. Eezham Tamils from Kokkuth-thoduvaay, Kokku’laay, Karunaadduk-kea’ni and Mukaththuvaaram are seriously affected by the structural genocide and the threat of structural violence coming from Weli-Oya.
    Sri Lanka: Alternative grassroot activist Shanmugam Muttulingam passes away
    Tue, 14 Feb 2017, 22:51
    Mr Shanmugam Muttulingam who was an alternative institution himself in serving and inspiring the Eezham Tamil society particularly at its grassroot level, passed away in Jaffna on Tuesday early hours at the age of 77. A student of Professor Kanapathippillai at the Peradeniya University in the early 1960s, but relinquishing his university education and later his law college career too, Mr Muttulingam was associated with the activities of the Peking-Wing Communist Party of N. Shanmugadasan. At the time of his demise, Mr. Muttulingam was engaged in the rejuvenation of grassroot institutions such as the century-old YMHA and an orphanage started in the 1930s at his own village Thirunelveali in Jaffna. The last wish of Mr Muttulingam was not to observe any religious rituals for his funeral.
    Sri Lanka: Displaced Muslim women from Puththa'lam express solidarity with Keappa-pulavu families
    Mon, 13 Feb 2017, 19:26
    A women-delegation of displaced Muslims, who are living in Puththa'lam since they were evicted from Jaffna, visited Keappa-pulavu on Monday expressing their solidarity with the continuous struggle being waged by Tamil women, who are demanding the Colombo regime to release their lands that have been seized by the occupying SL Air Force. The protest that continuous for the 14th day has also received Sinhala visitors from South and Tamil activists from the Up-Country. In the meantime, Tamils in Batticaloa have staged demonstrations in solidarity with the families of Keappaa-pulavu. In the meantime, another struggle is also gaining momentum at Puthukkudiyiruppu (PTK), where protesters have been demanding their lands back from the occupying SL Army.
    Sri Lanka: Resettled government servants in Champoor complain of ethnic discrimination
    Sun, 12 Feb 2017, 23:07
    176 public servants, who are among the resettled Eezham Tamils in Champoor, are being systematically discriminated in the provision of governmental and non-governmental assistance for their resettlement after being uprooted from their own lands in Champoor. From Colombo's UNP-influenced administrative hierarchy to the Tamil-speaking Divisional Secretary of Moothoor, the entire administrative mechanism of the unitary state of genocidal Sri Lanka has been operating against the resettled Champoor Tamils. While the structural discrimination has been institutionalized in the ‘Sri Lankan’ system, the officials of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) have also not been able to assist the people cutting the red tape of the anti-Tamil establishment operating against the resettled Tamils in Champoor.
    Sri Lanka: Uprooted Keappaa-pulavu people continue protest for 11th day
    Sat, 11 Feb 2017, 23:01
    The uprooted people from Keappaa-pulavu and Pilak-kudiyiruppu on Saturday said the SL political and administrative sources have come up with yet another time-buying tactic by stating that their claim has to be re-evaluated. The uprooted families continue to protest for 11 days, putting up temporary huts in front of the camp of the airforce of genocidal Sri Lanka at Keappa-pulavu, which is situated along Nanthik-kadal lagoon in Mullaiththeevu district.
    Thousands mobilize in Ezhuka Thamizh in Batticaloa, denounce genocidal ‘Sri Lanka’
    Fri, 10 Feb 2017, 20:50
    Thousands of Tamils mobilized in Batticaloa on Friday denouncing the unitary State model of genocidal Sri Lanka currently being envisaged in the constitutional proposals in the South. The SL regime in Colombo has discarded the proposals submitted in open and transparent manner by the Tamils in the North-East, the organizers of the event, Tamil People’s Council, said. The entire constitutional process has become a secretive discourse while the notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act is used to muffle the freedom of expression of Eezham Tamils in the North and East, the speakers, including Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, said in their speeches. There should be full-scale de-militarization. The 6th Amendment to the SL Constitution and the draconian PTA should be scrapped for a free and fair constitutional process to take place in the North-East.

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